L'Astore 2009 Krita
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Puglia, Italy
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This takes chardonnay in directions, giving it greater affinity for cheeses (try with aged gouda!), herb-scented seafood dishes, and fall-weight salads with dried fruits and nuts. Toss some saffron in classic risotto...yummy!
Chardonnay 60%, Malvasia Bianca 40%
Wine Making:
Cutrofiano is the principle terracotta manufacturing area in Apulia, situated in the center of an area rich in clay (krita = clay in Salentine dialect) equidistant from the Ionian and Adriatic Seas. There is plenty of water and firewood from the close and indispensable forest for the furnaces. The heat of the Mediterranean sun flavors the craftsmanship of the terracotta. In the catasto conciario, in the middle of the 700s, in a population of little more than 600 inhabitants, 50 terracotta craftsmen are listed divided in three skills: codimari (vase makers), piattari (plate makers) and pignatari (pot makers): from this handicraft activity, the land derives its name (from the Greek kutra = pot). Cutrofiano is the birthplace of the great singers and composers of the �??Pizzica�?? (Uccio Aloisi is the most famous), the traditional Salentine music and dance that intoxicates and excites all who hear it by its incessant tambourine rhythm. Krita is the synthesis of a terior. Yield per hectare: 80 q Wine yield: 65% Vinification: Temperature controlled maceration, 7/8 °C, for about 6-7 hours Fermentation: In steel tanks at 14/15 °C
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