L'Astore 2010 Massaro Rose
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Puglia, Italy
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Negroamaro 100%
Wine Making:
The Massaro was the factotum manager of the masseria; was the one to which the song of the rooster forecast a day full of huge toils in the fields. The toil forged his character, cantankerous with its bracing and forced obsequious to the owner, that every day reminded him of the trust and the ready respect contained in the bags of grain, the milk, the barrels of oil, the bottles of wine, the bales of tobacco. The good years and the bad years were articulated by the mildness of time, shared together with his woman, the owner of his house and of his heart, custodian of the crackling fire, around which revolved their hard and spartan life, but rich in values. A fine rosy glass of wine, like the Salentino culture, alleviated the pains and amused the spirits. To Nana Paulu, the massaro of L�??Astore. . Mimmo Cataldi Vinification: Temperature controlled maceration on the skins, 8/10 °C, for about 48 hours Fermentation: In steel tanks at 16/18 °C
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