Lauretana Pininfarina Sparkling Water
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Sparkling Water
Piemonte, Italy
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Lauretana is a water in the least mineralized The class a mineral water belongs to depends on the residual quantity of salts it contains (defined fixed residue ) determined in boiling at 180 ° C a liter of water until its complete evaporation. The sediment obtained, expressed in milligrams/litre, constitutes the aggregate of salts characterizing each single water. In quantitative terms - that is of residual weight - according to the D. L. 25-01-92 n. 105 - more than 250 mineral waters marketed today in Italy are classified according to the list reported on the left. This classification, derived from EEC , even if more recent compared to the previous one ( Marotta and Sica , 1929 ) is not complete, in fact the mineral waters with a fixed residue between 500 and 1550 mg /l are not classified. Lauretana water has got a fixed residue of 14 mg /l. The lowest in absolute
Piemonte glacier-fed source
Wine Making:
Lauretana mineral water is sourced from water from the Mount Rosa Glacier in northern Italy.
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